- CGC Label History

CGC has changed the style on the labels and holders (slabs) through the years.
  • CGC began grading comic books in late-November 1999, and opened to the public on January 1, 2000.
  • The books shown below are all graded the same, CGC Universal 9.8 Magnus Robot Fighter #1 from Valiant 1991.
  • The only differences are seen in the style of label and plastic holder - the books are equal in CGC grade.
  • Older CGC slabs were not sealed on the sides, but sealed at the corners. Slab corners show damage if the slab has been opened.
  • Verify the CGC certification and graded date information on the CGC website using the 10-digit slab serial number.
  • The "rainbow", "oily", or "wet-looking" spots where two types of dry plastic touch are called Newton Rings - a CGC statement is here.

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